Course information (EN)


Yes you would love to try this dance, but you’re just not sure whether to register for a full course or not? In that case: Request a workshop (10€). Together we will try to set up a new group. You can try one-and-a-half hour of dance packed with the best of the theme of the previous season: Fluidity.

Year schedule

Course year 2023/2024 is structured along 4 themes. You can register for a theme (6 to 7 lessons). Stage animals among us can continue after the courses have ended by participating in the 2023/2024 showgroup. The Tuesday course will only start if there are enough participants. The location is still to be defined. Wednesday lessons take place in the brick building at playground Kozakkenpark (10 minutes by bike from the UT!).

Year schedule 2023-2024

Rhythm Essentials (7x)Start: 27 Sep
End: 8 Nov
Vintage Bellydance (6x)Start: 14/15 Nov
End: 19/20 Dec
Flamenco Arabe (7x)Start: 6/7 Feb
End: 19/20 Mar
Stick Dance (7x)Start: 26/27 Mar
End: 7/6 May
Showgroup 2023-2024May & June
Lessons take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the evenings (19h30-20h30)

Vintage bellydance

This course, inspiration comes from the Golden Era of Oriental Dance. (around 1940-1960) We will incorporate moves from Soheir Zaki, Samia Gamal, Naima Akef, and get acquainted with the film music from that era. Be prepared for grand and compelling dance sequences. Let’s celebrate dance!

Course fee

The workshop fee is 10€ (minimum of 10 participants). The course fee is 60€. After each course you can decide whether to continue or not. A course discount applies for students and people with a low-income.


On Tuesday evenings, we welcome women and men of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. All communication is in English. Looking for a women-only course? Have a look at the Wednesday course.